Judith H. Pierce

I am a true “Morristonnian”, a life-long resident of Morristown. Graduate of BayleyEllard High School; Garland Junior college, Boston, MA and received by BA from Fairleigh Dickinson. I have been teaching kindergarten at The Peck School for 45 years. I have been involved with Admissions, chaired the Self Study Committee, developed admissions procedures, curriculum development, mentored new faculty, worked on the INDECOR (core values) Committee, and helped establish the new Service Learning Program in the lower school which is now closely associated with the Family Service Adult Day Care Center in Morris Plains and Madison. For 23 years, I have been an aerobics instructor at The Greater Morristown YMCA three days a week. I served on the Board of the YMCA, working closely with personal and program development. I served on the Board of The Morristown Field Club. My positions there included Chair of Admissions for four years, Vice President of three years, and President for four years. During my tenure as President, we were able to create an affiliation with The Morristown Club of Morristown. I have also served on many local committees when my children were involved on local teams and programs.

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