Cornerstone Family Programs - Military Program Proudly providing over 200 years of service

We were born of war, established to support and respond to families in need following the War of 1812.

Two hundred years later, Cornerstone Family Programs’ (CFP) commitment to building better lives and stronger communities remains steadfast.

Our nation has seen many wars since our birth as an organization. From one conflict to the next, our servicemembers put their lives on hold to protect and defend our nation from any and all who would do us harm. At CFP, we are committed to making sure they have the resources they need to live a happy, healthy and productive life when they come home.

Homecomings are about more than parades and ceremony. They’re an opportunity to help families reintegrate and readjust to civilian life when they return to our community.

CFP’s signature programs for servicemembers and their families do just that.

Confidential Counseling and Outreach for Combat Veterans and Their Families 
We provide counseling with clinicians trained in issues specific to service members, veterans, and their families. Services are confidential and are free of charge for veterans of combat zones and their families.

Operation Sisterhood
As early as 1813, we knew how impactful a group of powerful and motivated women could be when they worked together. Today, we support female veterans (and their family members) with mental health services, education and advocacy, and the empowerment that comes from belonging to a sisterhood.

Whether you have been in military service (any branch or component), love someone who has served, or simply know the importance of community to our returning service members we’d love to hear from you!

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