Early Childhood Resiliency Program

According to the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), young children who enter kindergarten with effective social skills generally have an easier time developing relationships with peers and do better in school. Young children who receive effective, age-appropriate mental health services and supports are more likely to complete high school, have fewer contacts with law enforcement, and improve their ability to live independently and productively.

Cornerstone Early Childhood Resiliency Programs embrace early childhood education as a comprehensive resource for families and instill a culture of support and encouragement to succeed. We understand that the beginning of a child’s life is critical for building the early foundation for success later in school and in life. High quality early learning programs can help children get a head start on reading and math literacy, social and emotional development and help them stay on track and engaged in the early elementary grades and beyond.
Cornerstone mental health professionals and early childhood education specialists work together as a team with preschool teachers at selected Morris County centers that serve infant, school aged children and their families to help children and their families prepare for success in kindergarten and beyond.  The Cornerstone counselor observes children in the classroom to determine if interventions are necessary and, if so, provides strategies that enable the teacher to help them develop and grow to their full potential.  The Cornerstone early childhood educator also works with parents and guardians to help them raise emotionally sound and healthy children.  Counseling to parents includes the importance of fathers/stepfathers and the importance of play and positive discipline.  We meet with families at the preschool, in the home, or where needed in the community.
Our interventions include:
  • Early childhood Assessment
  • Anti-Aggression Workshops
  • Professional Development for Teachers
  • Teacher Mentorship
  • Parent Engagement and Skill Development
  • In-home counseling
If your child attends a Morris County state-funded preschool that we serve and you have any questions or concerns, please contact Marjorie Herbert at (973) 538-1229 Ext. 29.