Parents as Teachers (PAT)

Parents as Teachers is a voluntary home visiting program that enables trained professionals to connect with families to provide education and support that will improve a child’s health, development, and ability to learn.The Cornerstone PAT program is free to all Warren County residents who are pregnant or have small children younger than 3 years old.  We will help you to:
  •  Have a healthy pregnancy and birth,
  •  Increase your knowledge of child development at different stages
  •  Improve the capability of the parent as teacher
  •  Develop a close parent-child relationship
  •  Detect any developmental delays and treat them
  •  Improve family function and health
Trained Parents as Teachers educators will visit your home monthly to work with you and your family and connect you with helpful networks and groups guide you to screening and resources that you may need. Your family will become stronger!  Look forward to developing:
  •  Parental resilience
  •  Social connections
  •  Knowledge of parenting and child development
  •  Concrete supports in time of need
  •  Social and emotional competence of your children
With increased support, you will have fewer uncertain feelings of being a parent for the first time; better understand the birthing process and able to make informed decisions for you and your baby.  Contact June Trueax or call 973-538-5260, ext. 250.