Adult Day Center: Early Street Social Club

Adult Day Center: Early Street Social Club


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Our Adult Day Centers offer comprehensive affordable services that meet the physical, emotional and social needs of seniors and their caregivers. To assist working families and caregivers, we open our doors early, stay late, and provide round trip transportation. Our guests participate in a number of planned therapeutic activities and enjoy nutritious lunch and snacks in a safe and secure environment.

For the Senior:

Spend your day with us as we socialize, get active, and engage in enjoyable activities as a part of our Cornerstone community. Through arts and crafts, storytelling and shared family time, special experiences with volunteers, singing and music, and exercise, every day is a new adventure at our Adult Day Centers!

Each day will bring you great memories to share with your family and bring a great night’s rest after all of the day’s activities!

For the Caregiver:

Cornerstone’s Adult Day Centers enable you to balance your many caregiving responsibilities by providing a safe space for your loved one during the day as you work and tend to other responsibilities and duties you may have.

Knowing that your loved one is valued and in great care at one of our Adult Day Centers brings ease as you know that we are committed to seeing our seniors happy and healthy every day!

On-site, our registered nurse works with your doctor to ensure the proper program fit, to explain medications and supplements and possible side effects, and to answer any other health-related questions you may have.

Our affordable sliding fee scale provides options for every budget.


“When Mom goes to the Adult Day Center, she just lights up! Nancy and her staff are exceptional! Thank you for being there for her. I don’t know what I would do without this program.”


For more information, to visit the Morris View Adult Day Center, or to register for a complimentary trial visit, contact:

Nancy Arluna
Director, Morris View Adult Day Center
(973) 326-7288

Cornerstone Family Programs Adult Day Center on Early Street
39 Early Street
Morristown, New Jersey 07960

  • Open Monday through Friday
  • 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Please note: When approaching the building, Cornerstone’s Adult Day Center entrance is located to the left. The Morris View Nursing Home is located through the main doors and is not affiliated with Cornerstone’s Adult Day Center.


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