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Manuel Monge is a Human Resources executive with more than 20 years of experience across multiple HR functions, roles and geographies. Peruvian national, Manuel is an Industrial Engineer and started his career in Nestle as an intern in the HR department. Since then he contributed to the Company working in factories, head offices, regional hubs and global positions. Manuel took on his first international assignment in 2001 to Chile, and that move lead to several others, including positions in Brazil, again in Chile, Switzerland and ultimately in the United States. His current role is Vice President, Human Resources for Nestle Health Science in the U.S. Manuel’s career spam with more than 12 years of international assignments has given him a good perspective of the importance of multicultural diversity as a catalyst of growth and innovation. He is an internal Nestle advocate for inclusion, tolerance and respect in all aspects of the business. He is also passionate for sustainability and a driver of innovation. Manuel complements his professional life with a variety of interests, including painting, writing, reading books and playing sports. He is married to Paola, who is a choral singer, and his two teenage daughters, Josefina and Emilia.