2022 Annual Appeal

2022 Annual Appeal Letter

November 2022
Dear Friend,

Safety. Reassurance. Loving. Nurturing. Gratitude. These are just some of the words Sherina uses when describing the incredible impact that Cornerstone Family Programs and Morristown Neighborhood House has had on her and her daughter, Amayla.

As a single mom, raising her daughter Amayla, Sherina was juggling a full-time job and working towards her college degree. Due to behavioral issues at preschool, Sherina would anxiously fear receiving a phone call to pick up her daughter. Unfortunately, most days, she did receive that call. Amayla was diagnosed with ADHD at age three and had to leave four different preschools because of issues associated with her diagnosis. The staff at those schools were unable to properly manage Amayla’s behavior. Sherina was tasked to figure out a solution for herself and her daughter. At a point of desperation, a bright light shined on Sherina and Amayla. There was an opening at the Morristown Neighborhood House, and Amayla was able to be enrolled in the preschool program.

Both Sherina and Amayla are now thriving because of the teachers and staff at “The Nabe”. They have given Amayla encouragement, are rooting for her success, and showering her with love and hugs. The Nabe has given Sherina the reassurance that her daughter is well-cared for and safe. In fact, she has even been able to complete her degree at Rutgers University and landed herself a full-time job!

Your generous contribution helps us continue to provide children a safe place to receive a quality education, nutritious meals, and to develop social and emotional skills. The demand for our programs has increased dramatically, and with your support we will meet that demand and be able to plan for challenges that may lie ahead. The staff, volunteers, and the nearly 6,000 members of our community we serve each year including children, teens, families, female veterans, and seniors and their caregivers – THANK YOU!

Your donation will help so many people. We are fortunate to have such a caring community supporting all of our programs so that everyone has a chance to live a happy, healthy, and productive life. Together, we are creating a stronger community!

With sincere gratitude,

Patrice Picard, Chief Executive Officer
Cornerstone Family Programs

PS: Your gift today of $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500 will make a difference in the lives of your neighbors tomorrow. Can I count on your support? Download and print the PDF version of this letter and mail in the attached form today!

Meet Sherina and Amayla! Watch their video interview.