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About Us

Our Mission

Strengthening communities by helping people build better lives.


Cornerstone Family Programs and Morristown Neighborhood House provide resources to people from age 2 to 102 in the Greater Morris County area. Together we impact the lives of over 6,000 people. We believe that everyone deserves a chance for a happy, healthy and productive life.


About Us

Our Legacy

Cornerstone Family Programs was founded 1813 to help the poor of Morristown, especially families impacted by the War of 1812, with necessities such as food, clothing and fuel. Services then expanded to include social work, family support, and other human services.


The Neighborhood House, founded in 1898, has its roots in the Settlement House Movement of the late 19th Century where leaders joined with their neighbors in underserved diverse neighborhoods to focus on reform through social justice and the fight against racial discrimination. Change was brought about through childcare, healthcare, education, cultural, and recreational activities.


Throughout this rich history, both organizations changed names, launched new organizations, and merged with others.  For over two centuries, our organizations and our work have continually transformed to anticipate and address the evolving needs of the individuals, families, and communities we serve. In 2013, Cornerstone Family Programs and the Morristown Neighborhood House merged to become the organization you see today.


Our legacy continues, providing support to underserved and immigrant families facing economic challenges and working to foster cross-cultural acceptance. Preschool, before and after school, economic mobility for youth and families, arts, recreation, healthy aging, and robust community engagement bring access and opportunity to the people we serve.


Our core belief that everyone deserves a chance for a happy, healthy, and productive life endures.


About Us

Morristown Neighborhood House

Morristown Neighborhood House was founded in 1898 as a settlement house that embraced the Morristown community’s growing diversity. To date, it has remained a pillar of diversity and cross-cultural positivity in the Morristown area. The Neighborhood House is unique in providing a wide array of services that enhance educational and social development in Morristown’s youth.


Because of its year-round resources available to children of all ages, the Neighborhood House has become a second home to many of its families, promoting creativity, academic, and social potential with the ultimate goal of making a difference every day.


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