Programs & Services


Programs & Services

Children’s Programs


Morristown Neighborhood House is committed to giving our community’s children the best educational, social, and developmental resources needed for their success as the next generation’s future leaders.


Morristown Neighborhood House provides year-round care to our community’s children. Through age-appropriate resources, our children in our preschool, afterschool, summer camp and teen programs are safe, healthy and happy at their second home at the Nabe!


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Programs & Services

Teen Programs

Teen Pathways to Brighter Futures at the Nabe features multidimensional programming geared toward preparing our teens for education after high school, the workforce, and beyond. Our programs provide opportunities for teens to learn and grow into community-minded mentors and leaders. Workshops offered to our teens teach and reinforce skills needed to succeed as emerging young professionals.


One of the most unique features about the Morristown Neighborhood House is the interaction of children, youth, and teens every day. Our youngest children look to our teens as role models with whom they have shared experiences. Our children look to the Nabe as a “home away from home,” and many of our teens have spent most of their youth at the Neighborhood House. Because of this, they understand the realities of growing up in the Morristown community and pass their wisdom and knowledge onto our younger children through leadership.


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Programs & Services

Adult & Family Programs


Cornerstone Family Programs builds and maintains healthy families through programs for adults. Through our services, our adults and families gain access to:

  • Education and skill-building courses
  • Financial literacy and management
  • Workforce development
  • Recreational activity

Because of its year-round resources available to children of all ages, the Neighborhood House has become a second home to many of its families, promoting creativity, academic, and social potential with the ultimate goal of making a difference every day.


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Program & Services

Female Veteran Programs


Operation Sisterhood, the only program in NJ for female veterans by female veterans designed to improve the health and well-being of our female service members through outreach to identify new veterans, resource connection, education programming, advocacy to engage our stakeholders to improve the system of care in the New Jersey Veterans Administration (VA) and create camaraderie through facilitated peer-to-peer support. Learn about Female Veterans Appreciation Day in NJ here.


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Programs & Services

Senior & Caregiver Programs


Cornerstone Family Programs encourages independence in our seniors. From our Adult Day Center to our Caregiver Initiative, seniors and caregivers alike balance and maintain healthy lives and make the most of each day!


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