Teen Programs

One of the most unique features about the Morristown Neighborhood House is the interaction of children, youth, and teens every day.

Our youngest children look to our teens as role models with whom they have shared experiences. Our children look to the Nabe as a “home away from home,” and many of our teens have spent most of their youth at the Neighborhood House.

Mind Over Matter Series

Pathways to Brighter Futures

PBF is our portfolio of programs and services to educate teens and adults to ensure college and career readiness. These programs include #NabeTeans@Work, College Prep, Rites of Passage, Teen Lounge, and Pathways to Work.

Eat Right Get Fit Teen Series

Our teens have been having a blast during our Transformation Tuesday nutrition series. Special thank you to the Dietetic Internship Program at St. Elizabeth University for the informative and fun sessions!