2023 Summer Camp Appeal

June 2023
Dear Friends,

Meet Kayla, Ivy, and Krissy, three sisters that will have nowhere to go this summer without the Morristown Neighborhood House Summer Camp. Their mom, Crystell, is currently unemployed and looking for a job, a very daunting feat for a single Mom. She needs to financially care for them, but she also knows she can’t leave her children alone all summer. What will they do every day? Crystell was a camper at Cornerstone’s Summer Camp when she was a child and wants her children to be able to have the same amazing carefree experience.

That is why we are committed to enrolling all three of her girls in our camp this year. During the school year, Kayla, the oldest at 13, spends most of her after-school hours caring for her younger siblings. She deserves to enjoy her summer like every other 13-year-old instead of being a “Mom” to them.

“Sometimes I need a break from caring for my siblings and it will also be so nice for my sisters to play with kids their own age” – Kayla, 13

We desperately need your help. Please be as generous as you can and help children like Kayla, Ivy, and Krissy enjoy everything that summer camp has to offer – field trips, enrichment activities, sports, healthy meals, and of course, friends. We have so many other children also waiting for camp scholarships. Your gift will bring smiles and incredible memories to these girls while giving mom the peace of mind that her children are safe, well-taken care of, and enjoying a summer like every child should.

We sincerely thank you for your generosity to keep our Neighborhood House children safe and happy this summer as every child deserves to be.

With gratitude,

Gwenn Heller-DellaPelle
Vice President, Development
Cornerstone Family Programs